"Palms are perfect, just perfect. 5/5" --Terrorizer Magazine

"For post-rock fans, the news that three-fifths of Isis collided with Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno to form Palms couldn't have been any more thrilling or the end product any more anticipated.  Thankfully, the group's self-titled debut delivers." --Alternative Press

"Luxurious production." --Pitchfork (for Palms' debut)

"Palms is the slow-orbiting-rocket float of Oceanic-era Isis painted in soft colors, now with the gushing, soaring melodies." --Spin

"Palms is enchanting, mesmerizing and brilliantly constructed...the pure beauty captured by Moreno, Caxide, Harris and Meyer is absolutely stunning."--Loudwire

"Palms pulled it off with grace and power, bowling over the audience with sheets of sound. ‘Mission Sunset’ was downright breathtaking." --Spin (for Palms' live show)

"Harris doesn't take it lying down, drawing menace and beauty in equal parts from his kit." --Pitchfork (for Isis' "Wavering Radiant")

"[Aaron Harris'] ability to shuffle rhythms, patterns, and phrases at any given moment ensures he's an incredibly intriguing listen, even when the tracks aren't clocking in at radio-friendly lengths." --Modern Drummer Magazine

"['In The Absence Of Truth'] is, sticks down, one of the year's best discs, with over an hour of sophisticated, instrument- dense tunes that combine heavy guitars, trance atmospherics, clean and death-growl vocals, and tricky time signatures -- all expertly born on the muscular back of Harris." --DRUM! magazine

"Harris succeeds in spades." --Spin (for remix of The Jezabels' "Psychothearpy")

"The heavy, sludge bass line combined with overtones of angelic harmonies sounds like the vibrant oranges and milky blue swirls of a supernova." --Noisey (for remix of Puscifer's "The Weaver" )

"Isis have been regarded as one of the most critically beloved acts in metal." --Loudwire.com




#1 on Billboard Top Alternative Albums

#13 on Billboard Top Indie Charts

#17 on Billboard Top Rock Charts

#53 on Billboard Top 200

#17 on SPIN.com's "20 Best Metal Albums of 2013."

#4 on Noisecreep.com's "Top Rock + Metal Albums of 2013."


-Rolling Stone Magazine "The 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time" 

-Revolver magazine #12 of "The 50 Heaviest Bands Ever"

-Revolver Golden God Awards 2009 "Best Underground Metal Band"

-LA Weekly Music Awards 2005 "Best Hard Rock/Metal Band"

-Billboard #6 on "Top Heatseekers chart" 2006

-Billboard #47 "Top Independent Albums charts" 2004

-Billboard #20 "Top Independent Albums" chart 2006

-Billboard #10 "Top Independent Albums" chart 2009

-Billboard #98 "Billboard 200" chart 2009

-Decibel magazine #4 (Oceanic), #33 (Panopticon), and #53 (Celestial) in "The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of The Decade"

-BBC Radio 1 #17 "Top 40 Rock Album" charts 2009

Isis "Oceanic"

-Terrorizer magazine "Album of the year, 2002 writers poll"

-Terrorizer magazine "Album of the month"

-Terrorizer 9.5/ 10 rating

-Rock Sound magazine #1 "Top 50 albums of 2002"

-Rock Sound magazine "Album of the month"

-Rock Sound magazine 4.5/ 5 rating

-Pitchfork.com 8.5/ 10 rating

-Allmusic 4.5/ 5 rating

-Blender 4/ 5 rating

-Decibel magazine #4 "Top 100 Albums of the Decade" (special issue).

-Kerrang! magazine "KKKK" rating

-NME magazine "7" of 10 rating

Isis "Panopticon"

-Rock Sound magazine "Album Of The Year"

-Billboard #47 "Top Independent Albums charts" 2004

-Decibel magazine #33 "Top 100 Albums of the Decade" (special issue).

-Kerrang magazine 5/ 5 rating

-Rolling Stone Charts "#5 top selling album for the week ending December 5th, 2004, at Home of the Hits, Buffalo, NY"

-Decibel magazine 9/ 10 rating

-Pitchfork Media 8.4/ 10 rating

-Rock Sound magazine 10/ 10 rating

-Allmusic 3.5/ 5 rating

-Tiny Mix Tapes 4/ 5 rating

-Drowned in Sound 10/ 10 rating

Isis "In The Absence Of Truth"

-Billboard #20 "Top Independent Albums" chart 2006

-Billboard #6 on "Top Heatseekers chart" 2006

-Decibel magazine #13 of "Top Albums of 2006"

-Pitchfork Media 8.3/ 10 rating

-Allmusic 4.5/ 5 rating

-Alternative press 4/ 5 rating

-Drowned In Sound 8/ 10 rating

-Scene Point Blank 8.5/ 10 rating

Isis "Wavering Radiant"

-Billboard #10 "Top Independent Albums" chart 2009

-Billboard #98 "Billboard 200" chart 2009

-BBC Radio 1 #17 "Top 40 Rock Album" charts 2009

-Pitchfork Media 8.5/ 10 rating

-Decibel magazine 8/ 10 rating

-Allmusic 4/ 5 rating

-The Guardian 4/ 5 rating

-PopMatters 8/ 10 rating